I had been riding motorcycles on the street and road course race tracks for a while, but riding off-road felt incredibly new and exciting.  Once I started riding dirt bikes, I found it hard to stop and pretty soon my whole perspective on riding motorcycles had changed. 

Balancing on tough terrain, trusting yourself, learning what you are capable of, hitting limits and pushing farther.  The best riders I know make it look so easy, but they never say it is.

It's not enough to simply learn the physical and technical side of riding. You also have to be encouraged, inspired, and free when you ride.  That’s when the magic happens!

I need to know what is possible for me to achieve on a motorcycle.  This is my story about getting there.


"After only riding a dirt bike for a little over 6 months time, Erica is becoming a very solid motorcycle rider. Through commitment, willingness to learn and always pushing herself to be better, she is a very inspiring person, on and off the bike."

Cuyler Ruskin, CBR Films, January 2016